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Go Kart Records


V/A "Go Kart Vs. The Corporate Giant"

The first Go-kart low priced sampler contains unreleased tracks from Lunachicks, Weston and more.

Track Listing:

1. Lunachicks -Jerk of All Trades
2. Candy Snatchers -Buzzsaw
3. Weston -Retarded
4. Trick Babys -Cadillac Bra
5. The Meatmen -Morrisey Must Die
6. Berserk -Blue Hearts
7. Buttsteak -He-Whore
8. The Templars -New York
9. Doc Hopper -Melcher
10. Wives -Deserve
11. The Voluptuous Horror of Karen -Chopsley; Rabid Bikini Model
12. Meatmen -Abba, God and Me
13. Black Velvet Flag -I Shot JFK
14. Lunachicks -Pretty Ugly
15. Sweet Diesel -Walleyed
16. Stress Magnets -Kendall Fell Asleep in the Corn
17. Beserk -Ultra 7
18. Sea Monkeys -Dressed Alike
19. Weston -Return to Horse Valley
20. Sleepasauras -April Rain
21. Buttsteak -NV
22. Wives -Ripped
23. Canned Travolta -Tim
24. Trick Babys -Red Leather Couch
25. Snuka -Puke For You
26. Shake Appeal -Rocket