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Go Kart Records


V/A "Pop Punk's Not Dead"

Pop Punk's Not Dead' is the greatest compilation ever. Well, that is if you're a fan of incredibly catchy pop punk from all over the world. Featuring songs from some of the biggest names in the genre (The Queers, Squirtgun, The Parasites), as well as some of the hottest up and comers (The Ergs!, The Unlovables). Features bands from all over the world including the US, Germany, Japan, Australia, UK, Italy and of course, the Cayman Islands. Includes many unreleased or hard to find tracks. This is a must own for everyone who likes pop punk. - from the label.

Track Listing:

1. Teenage Bottlerocket - So Cool
2. The Scissors - 24
3. The Manges - Another Day
4. The Unlovables - I've Cried 4 U
5. The Ergs - Aja
6. The Queers - Definitely (remastered)
7. The Unknown - Seven
8. Suckerbox - Wrong
9. The Last Chucks - Do You Ever
10. Backseat Virgins - Can't Take It
11. Squirtgun - Model Builder
12. Mach Pelican - Spend My Time
13. The Leftovers - Camel
14. The Dazes - You Really Got Me Now
15. Delay - Jumpstart My Heart
16. The Copyrights - Stuck In Springtime
17. Five Os - Last Summer
18. Janez Detd - Anti Anthem
19. River City High - Amy
20. The Spazzys - Hey Hey Baby
21. Boris The Sprinkler - Buying Beer For Junior High School Students
22. Sonic Dolls - In Case You're Unaware
23. The Peabodys - It Only Hurts When I Think
24. Guff - Change